Location & Hours

Pick up from Poole Quay Boat Haven, at 11.00am unless otherwise informed.




Please call Meredith Drury

07889 970 702

email: peter.drury123@btinternet.com

Contact Meredith to arrange a suitable date for a day out. Knoticat will pick you up from Poole Quay Boat Haven, who kindly let us use their marina without charge. We normally pick passengers up at 11am and return before 3pm. There is some disabled parking bays close to the marina, there is also parking at the ‘Quay Visitors’ multi storey car park, or the nearby Thistle Hotel. When you arrive at the marina, we ask that you wait on the quayside for the skipper and crew to meet you with life jackets before entering through the gate.

When booking your trip, please understand that the skipper and crew are there to look after the boat, but you must bring your own carer or family if your needs demand it.

Bring with you suitable sea going clothing!

Even in mid summer it is cooler on the water so make sure you bring something warm. We do carry blankets should you need an extra layer. And because it feels cooler its easy to forget the sun can still be burning you - maybe wear a hat and bring sun lotion.

Sailing is always subject to the weather, and if forecasts are bad, the skipper will contact you on your contact number to tell you if the trip is going ahead or not.

The skipper will always contact you the evening before sailing anyway to make sure everything is still going as planned.

Don’t forget your lunch!

We'd love to hear from you!

For bookings: call our Bookings Officer Meredith Drury on:
07889 970 702
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