The BIG news

What a beautiful day to see Knoticat launched again!

After nearly 20 months off the water for extensive refurbishment, Knoticat has just been launched. She's an old boat and needed a lot of attention to address a few problems that had arisen over the many years of service.

The hulls are like new, smooth and shiny, bright white and finished off with a semi permanent antifoul. The decks have been strengthened, the roof has a new sliding hatch to give an airy feel inside, the doors have been replaced, a new antislip finish applied to the decks, and a stronger new ramp built.....inside the head linings have been replaced, the wiring all renewed and the accessible heads revamped.

Still a few jobs to do, the new ramp needs 'tweaking', same with the rigging, but at last we can see an end, or beginning in sight!

Our clients had such a great day and one of the best trips they have had. The crew had lots of patience and care and were such friendly people. It was so therapeutic



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