13 September 2019

Just to say we had a lovely day out on Knoticat yesterday. There was a good breeze blowing this time, so we had a great sail, and with the bonus of seeing a bit of the air festival from from the water!!

Many thanks to the crew for giving up their time to help us with disabilities.

Cheers, Paul

6 August 2019

It was indeed a wonderful trip with beautiful weather, we were very lucky.  Thank you so much for helping to organise everything. Di, Stuart and David could not have been more welcoming and helpful. Our daughter Honor can not talk but she is very good at communicating her feelings and it was clear that she really enjoyed being out on the boat. In fact she was smiling the whole time we were out.
What a wonderful, life enriching charity Knoticat is. We will definitely come and sail with you again. Thank you so much.
Best wishes,

12 August 2019

Just to say thank you for a lovely day out on the boat today. So beautiful. So relaxing. Such nice kind Crew. We all had a wonderful time. Much appreciated. Thank you so much. 

Regards Sue x


31 July 2019

We had an AMAZING day on the Knotticat, such a privilege to be able to have this experience for our guys. The weather was amazing, it was a fantastic day.😊 I hardly recognised the boat it looks so very smart now.
I can honestly say all clients loved the experience, and the crew were also very kind and helpful.
A big thank you from all at Wallisdown Plus

Kind Regards


29 July 2019

It was nice to catch up with Dave. The boat looked really swish after the face lift and major repairs, weather turned really nice after the lunch and it was a joy to be aboard.
best wishes Sue & Nick

27 July 2019

The newly refurbished Knoticat is WONDERFUL! It looks so different! It was so lovely to be back on the sea. Alex, Dave and Terry were wonderful and chatty and took us all the way to Swanage.
The residents absolutely loved it and cannot wait to do it again.
Thank you so much!


18 July 2019

Oh Merry, we had a brilliant day. Great company and amazing weather. So thrilled to be out after so long! We'll just keep our fingers crossed for Friday.
So many thanks for all your organising.
Jean & Viv

We had a lovely time yesterday on the boat, the crew were so friendly, thoroughly enjoyed by all
Thanks Emma

17 July 2019

The clients of Westbourne Plus have just burst through the door in a flurry. Thank you so very, very much for today. The feedback from the team has been incredible and the clients have informed me of how much they have enjoyed being on the water!
From one team to another – THANK YOU!
We hope you have a lovely weekend, safe in the knowledge that this week has certainly finished on a high.

Kind regards

12 July 2019

It was just a holiday, away from everything and all the peace was there on the water. It was so fantastic for Christine for her in the wheelchair to enjoy and be part of a boat trip.
We had wonderful weather with sunshine and a gentle breeze.
So many thanks for the opportunity given to us to enjoy the beautiful sight seeing of the Beauty of Poole harbour.
If you don't mind we love to come back some time. The amazing sea air is so good for Christine.

With regards and god bless.
The Two Jansen's
Christine and Frans
Written by Frans

11 July 2019

Every one had a great time all the crew were very helpful and accommodating. 
The Knoticat is really nice, the feedback that I have is very positive, staff and clients cant wait to go again.
They loved the look of the Knoticat and said it looked very smart and  stylish.
A very big thank you to all your wonderful volunteers  for giving our clients such a wonderful day and what fantastic weather.

Kind regards

10 July 2019

I had an absolutely wonderful time.   I had no idea how beautiful our Durassic Coastline is. I really enjoyed the trip so much.   The Sailors were lovely and friendly.   Thank you so much for allowing me to attend.   I'd love to come along again over the Summer at some point if there is room.  It was a superb tranquil experience and so relaxing.   It is so kind that the volunteers look after us so well.   I felt very privileged to attend the boat trip.   
All the best  Regards Sue

9 July 2019

Absolutely fantastic day. Was such a honour to sail on the knoticat
My hubby loved every minute. We will definitely go out again


8 July 2019

I just want to let you know what a wonderful day my clients and staff had on Knoticat today in Poole with the crew; Barbara, Dave, Mike and Andy. They made our day amazing with blankets ready for the chilly parts of the day and a hot drink.


Our clients had such a great day and one of the best trips they have had. The crew had lots of patience and care and were such friendly people. It was so therapeutic and the best day the staff have also had in a long time too! Please thank this crew for us, it was more than a pleasure.

24 September 2017

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging our trip on the Knoticat. What a superb day we had, the crew were fantastic and so lovely to everyone. The guys really enjoyed it and it was lovely to have them out doing something different and seeing their smiles. I look forward to bringing the next group.
Once again a huge thank you to everyone.
Best Wishes

10 July 2017

Thank you all for such a wonderful day on the water yesterday. We were extremely lucky with such fantastic weather.

We are very grateful that you run such a brilliant venture as all our clients love getting out on the water and having access to an activity that they would not normally get the opportunity to be involved with.

 Please can you pass on our thanks to all the staff and all those who support with the financial side of keeping this activity running.

Verwood Day Centre

16 June 2017

Linwood School ( Bournemouth) have been enjoying trips on the Knoticat for several years.

Linwood is an outstanding all aged ranged mixed day special school which supports a comprehensive range of special educational needs including moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties and autistic spectrum condition.

Many of our students learn through practical activities as they do not read and write. In the lower school the curriculum is taught through Topics and many of these can be addressed  by having a trip in the harbour on the Knoticat. Here they can study “islands”, “ water”, “types of transport” “the environment” etc. For the older students along with these topics the students can have the opportunity to become more confident, work as team and experience a sailing trip which many would never otherwise have a chance. This improves self esteem and self confidence. A complete range of our students have accessed the Knoticat including children in wheelchairs and those with autism. The photographs enclosed show the enjoyment had last year by some of our Post 16 students.

The Knoticat is a wonderful resource which we sincerely hope will continue to be funded for years to come. Although a drop in the ocean, our Post 16’s hope to raise some money next year to put towards this deserving charity.


Di Kerr

Post 16 Leader and Educational Visits Coordinator.

August 2017

Terry and Alex took out Peter and Mrs. Gale last Thursday, 14th, - with a small scooter.  He has left a message to say what an absolutely wonderful day they had and how very, very much they enjoyed it.  He said nothing was too much trouble for the crew, and they went right out of their way to make it a wonderful experience.  They would love to come again, - and would especially like to sail down the Wareham river. 

​Well done to the crew.

5 September 2016

I'd like you to know that we have all enjoyed our time on the boat!!!!!!!! Actually the guys can't stop talking about it and are already planning the next outing with you.
With love and LOTS of thanks,

4 August 2015

I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to you and the Knoticat Crew for yet another wonderful day out on the water. They provided everyone who came with the benefit of their expertise and good humour not to mention cups of tea and coffee. They made so many new fans on the way.
We are very much looking forward to our next trip out of Poole.
Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We sing your praises wherever we go.
Kind regards
Norma K

3 August 2014

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